USAID/South Africa participant evaluation comments

“…the workshop reminded me of the important step in critically reviewing any written document - particularly SOWs. Also, it provided good insight into writing PWS with carefully worded evaluation criteria to challenge the potential offers to really develop an approach (and not just spit back what was in the solicitation).”
“Instructor was terrific and I would highly recommend her again.”

USAID Mission Senior Staff Member

"In all my years at USAID, Barbara Brocker is one of the finest A&A professionals and trainers with whom I've worked. In fact, her 'Writing Workshop: A&A Pre-Award Documents' is the best course I've taken at USAID, bar none."

USAID/Sri Lanka participant comments

“Sometimes the contracting document-writing process can be confusing. This is an opportunity to get all your questions answered and get practical guidance on how to complete pre-award documents.”

USAID/Malawi participant evaluation comments

“The trainers know the subject matter and conveyed the delivered the sessions extremely well.”
“The work shop was very practical and hands on”
“Having us bring our own SOWs into the course was very helpful. Real world examples of what we are doing is much better than ‘Freedonia’ examples.”

Michelle Defayette, Director, Integrated Solutions, International Account, Engility

“Engility/IRG has worked with Barbara Brocker for more than 13 years and with her company, Allegro Global Procurement Solutions, since its inception, on staff training for USAID. As a subcontractor and valued partner, Allegro has provided five superior trainers for courses in acquisition and assistance, as well as subject matter expertise for curriculum development of classroom, online and virtual instructor-led courses. Allegro helped develop four successful core courses, and its trainers have conducted at least 15 highly rated classes over the last year (2014-2015).
What we appreciate most about working with Barbara and her team is their willingness and availability to step up when there is an urgent need, including for trainers at the last minute. One the rare occasions that this happens, it has been beyond our expectations or the result of extraordinary circumstances – but Allegro comes through! We have enjoyed our business relationship and Allegro’s commitment to excellence.”